Christopher Columbus Memorial at Penn's Landing

Located at the intersection of Columbus Boulevard and Dock Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Penn’s Landing appropriately reminds us that William Penn left an indelible mark upon his city. But the Christopher Columbus memorial is a visible reminder that Penn built on the labors of those who had gone before him.

Columbus never set foot on North America, but his voyage of discovery to the New World paved the way for settlers who came after him. Just as William Penn was influenced by biblical teaching, so also was Christopher Columbus. In his own journal, Prophesies which Admiral Don Christopher Columbus Gathered… translated by K. Brigham (Ft. Lauderdale: TSELF, 1992), he writes
“At this time I have seen and put in study to look into all the scriptures, cosmography, histories, chronicles and philosophy and other arts, which our Lord opened to my understanding (I could sense his hand upon me)…” (p. 178-179). “Who doubts that this illumination was from the Holy Spirit? I attest that He, with marvelous rays of light, consoled me through the holy and sacred scriptures…” (p. 179). And “I have already said that for the execution of the enterprise of the Indies, neither reason, nor mathematics, nor world maps were profitable to me; rather the prophesy of Isaiah (see, for example, Isaiah 60:9) was completely fulfilled” (p. 182). In this work, Columbus has 100 pages of scriptural citations and quotations from theologians.